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It is the mission of Women’s Soccer Insider (WSI) to provide you with comprehensive insider information about our sport and the women who play it. WSI is published by a group of actively involved and passionate people who are all related to the game, and share a common interest in the promotion and education of the women’s soccer world-wide. Their vast experience reaches into every level, from young girls, to college, professional and Olympic and World Cup champions.

At WSI, you have the ability to actively engage with other like-minded fans and participants, as well as with the site’s insiders. We will maintain a weekly twitter chat in which you have the opportunity to interact with among the most knowledgeable in the game. Every week we will invite a player, coach or interesting person related to the sport who can provide news and insights from a different perspective.

Our “Rumor Mill” section is a fun way to engage in current chatter about the women’s game and players. Sign up and engage.

Send us your comments and/or questions related to women’s soccer. We will use our network to provide you with answers.

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